Vbscript custom unit setting stops working

Maybe something is amiss with this. If I use custom unit setting more than once Rhino only initializes the first units but if I run a different custom unit script Rhino never changes to the newer custom unit that is different but retains the old numbers.

Ideally I would like to leave Rhino be in my custom units cubits or roman modules etc. and be able to measure in feet or meters . Which I know we can do now and I do if I set the model units by hand in the options section but when I try to run it from a script it works once but I can’t get Rhino using vb script to jump from cubits to a roman module to meters.

I toasted my example file but try to set a custom unit then another one that is different and see what is happening. Geometry should not be scaled so I think that’s a Boolean switch in there as well.