Any way of OffsetSrf cylinder sides only without explode?


attached hollow cylinder, is there any way to offsetSrf by picking surfaces to offset without exploding then selecting outer surface , then deleting upper and lower surfaces (as solid option selected) then joining all together ?

Offset Srf sides of cylinder only.3dm (71.9 KB)


ExtractSrf, Copy=Yes, Offset the result.


Attached the result doing that, I had solid yes for offsetSrf.

I now have two solids.
I was wondering if there was a way of retaining a single top and bottom surface during the process.

I just need to broaden the cylinder without affecting internal diameter.

doing it again with solid=no then exploding original and resurfacing the top and bott gets me there. is there a neater way ?

Offset Srf sides of cylinder only result.3dm (117.7 KB)