OffsetSrf Cylinder V6

OffsetSrf on a simple cylinder in V6 results in a polysurface comprised of two trimmed surfaces. OffsetSrf in V5 on the same cylinder results in a single, untrimmed surface. The V5 result is what I would expect and is more useful.

Options used: Distance=5 Corner=Sharp Solid=No Loose=No Tolerance=0.001 BothSides=No
FlipAll used to change offset to interior of cylinder.
(6.0.17129.11351, 5/9/2017) used.

The attached file has both the V5 and V6 results and was saved as a V5 file. Cyl Offset V5 V6 DC.3dm (63.1 KB)

The attached illustration shows the V6 result after exploding and untrimming. WIP

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More general version of this reported in OffsetSrf results undesirable - can cause problems

Thanks for the report… it’s filed as for future reference. In the meantime, I found Loose prevents the split if that helps.

@BrianJ The problem is not just with cylinders, but with any semi-closed, continuous surface whether rational such as a cylinder or non-rational as reported in OffsetSrf results undesirable - can cause problems . It needs to be fixed for both.

I’ve added your comment to the bug report as well. Thanks.

Just ran into this today today, pretty annoying… --Mitch