Any Peregrine 3.7 Examples?


There were some great examples included in earlier version of Peregrine. Do you have any available to get us started with Peregrine 3.7? e.g. there are some useful looking graphs on some of your youtube videos. Or alternatively do any users want to share graphs to get newcomers started?


Hi Leo,

There are a number of examples that get installed with the software. You can access them from the Start menu (Peregrine > Examples) or directly at: C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Peregrine\examples

Hope this helps!


Thanks found them! Are there any examples available like the ones used in this demo?

Hi Leo,
That demo included features not available in Peregrine v3. However, Peregrine v4, due for release later this month, will allow multi-storey buildings and other problems covered in that demo to be tackled.

Perfect thanks Matthew! Can the scripts used in that demo get included in the v4 download so that we have a springboard to start using it?

Hi Lhyde,

The file used in the demo will not be released as it was created using a development build. However, a similar example file will be included in the beta release, which should provide you with enough to get started with the new functionality.

Kind regards,

Hi Leo,
We’ve now made available a technology preview version of v4 as a limited release - if you’re interested in trying this let us know, via (though bear in mind it has some known issues). Or wait for the final v4 release that is due later in 2020.

Thanks Matthew, I’ll wait for the official v4 release.