C# Full Examples

Any full script examples (not through GH node)? Fooling around with a few things today, always great to read through some quality C# plugins. Thanks!

Have you seen these

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Yea I have. Looking for similar to full Plug-In scripts.

Yeah past these awhile ago, but very helpfull, thanks.

Start by looking which projects on Foood4Rhino mention GitHub http://google.com/#q=github%20site:food4rhino.com

Cool, really looking for some foundational knowledge.

and dependency

Cool bro… Very interesting. Do you think you could walk me through that GIT? A lot of files going on.

The chapters on creating a rendering plug-in probably help best. https://developer.rhino3d.com/guides/rhinocommon/render-engine-integration-introduction/

Note that simpler code is linked to in the developer samples repository.

cool, I am looking for more grasshopper c# examples, if possible.

Ouch you are a fast reader :thinking:. Without joking have you been go through all the C# pointed on this page ? I thing @menno link gave more that 10 Github repositories!

Yea I looked through, those are large projects though. Difficult to navigate.

What Laurent was probably aiming at was that by “looking through” is not exactly how you learn from these examples. If you don’t work with these, try things out etc. You will not learn or progress just by scrolling lots of text.

Yes I hear you. Anyway one can access the c# source code from a .gh file? A lot of cool plugins on GitHub, but not many list the source code behind the plug-in?

Thats entirely upon the autor(s) if they wish to release their sources or not. If you can not find the sources for a given plugin, most likely they are not open.

Is there a public repository for the sources of these plugins?