Any live examples of Rhino.js

(Charles) #1

I can see there are some examples here but are any of them available to see live?

I’m looking for a framework to build a webapp that processes meshes, some key functions would be:

  • Generating curves based on meshes
  • Mesh modifications, solving intersections between planes and meshes - for example.
  • Import/export 3D file.

Would Rhino Compute be a viable solution? If not, does someone know of an alternative?

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(Dale Fugier) #2

Here are a few:

To get an auth token, go here:

Hopefully. Rhino.js is pretty and there is a lot left to expose.

– Dale


(Greg Burgreen) #3


So, the key pieces are: rhino3dm.js, the wasm, and the compute server.

What roles do each play, particularly the wasm piece?


(Dale Fugier) #4

Hi @greg.burgreen,


1.) The wasm is openNURBS build as web assembly.
2.) rhino3dm.js is the JavaScript interface into the wasm.
3.) Rhino.Compute is only required for access to functions not found in openNURBS.

– Dale

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(Greg Burgreen) #5

Hi Dale,

For larger applications, will DocObjects be stored locally or on the Rhino.Compute server?



(Dale Fugier) #6

Hi @greg.burgreen,

Rhino.Compute only provides computation services - it won’t serialize any objects.

– Dale

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