Rhino Compute without Rhino3dmio native dll

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I’ve been exploring using Rhino Compute with Unity. I have it working great on desktop, but I’d like to build it to WebGL.
This presents the obvious issue of the need to include Rhino3dmio native dlls. From reading their description, it seems to indicate that the purpose of this dll is for reading and writing 3dm files. Which I don’t want to do. I want to be able to call the geometry methods on the Rhino Compute server and get results to do things with in Unity.
Is there a way around needing the Rhino3dmio dll?

You’ll be using rhino3dm. You can check the #serengeti:rhino3dm subforum to find many posts regarding the subject. The readme of the repo also should get you started.

Thank you Nathan. I’ve read the readme many times and the links seem to take me in circles. I’ll check the sub forum

Through the readme you should’ve found yourself also to the page

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

This has been very helpful, somehow I had never found that original rhino3dm link you shared. I think that’s what I’ve been looking for. Thank you

Hi @adsysingle and @nathanletwory sorry for pigging back on this old thread.

The link above seems to be broken and even though I could find a Javascript version of Rhino3dmio, I am not sure how this helps a Unity build for WebGL? @adsysingle have you managed to solve the issue?

Also I guess this is similar to this question from @gulati that hasn’t been answered.

I’ve tried an extremely simple reference to Rhino3dmio that works perfectly in the Editor / Windows builds. I used the .dlls from the nugget for desktop so I was probably pushing my luck there :slight_smile: but anyway.

File3dm file = new File3dm();

I am getting this error on the WebGL build

I understand this is relying on some functions that are not available on the WebGL build but does anyone have any ideas what one needs to do to make this work?

Sorry, I’m not of much help here, as I don’t know anything about Unity WebGL.

@psarras_st do you know any other libraries that work in the editor and in the Unity WebGL build?

Hey Luis. Yes any brary I am making using simple .net framework is fine. That being said from what I’ve researched there are issues, like with the Accord.Net library for instance.

What I am thinking is that I am getting a read error, could it be that since IO is so different in WebGL we need to avoid some functions like getDirectoryName? Did you guys had to adjust those for other builds like the Android/JavaScript one?