Any idea on how to model a textile sail like this?

Im trying to find out how to modell a textile sail like this. I have no idea where to start.
Possibly with Grasshopper?
Any advice would be highly appreciated.

You can try with Flex Hopper.

marvelous designer?


Marvelous Designer would be the most accurate I think. You can get a 30-day trial of it too.

Hey, Thank you guys for the swift response!
I forgot to mention that im working in Rhino 6 Mac. Unfortionetly Flexhopper is only for Windows…
Im also looking to integrate this in my workflow, with Rhino and Cinema4d. So i dont want to get started with Marvelous aswell. Regardless im very thankfull for the hint!
As to the Grasshopper file Daniel Piker sent - i will look into this! This seems very interesting, i had no idea one could simulate with grasshopper.
Thank you all - if theres any more advice im glad to hear:)

Marvelous Designer is a better product for fabric and include wind and simple to use. Is simple to import back to rhino.
Download Rh7 wip and use the new tool SubD. It fit also perfect for this job.