Shell failed

Schelling run one of the upper face, for example, by one unit. Rhino 6 will be arranged this shelling? In Rhino 5 you can not do properly. (But if you run an offset of the contour of the face it works fine).
shell failed x.3dm (326.0 KB)

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My guess is that the Shell command assumes Corner=Sharp, and you cannot close such a shape that way:

OffsetSrf with Corner=Round does a good job.

I think what you are asking for is a Corner Type option for Shell.

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I would say yes; if it makes sense to offset the profile, then it makes sense also run the shelling, in this case …

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I filleted the edge shown by the leader at one micron and then the shell command worked fine at a 2 mm thickness. My guess is that you can fillet that edge infinitely small and “shell” command will still work by forcing the cylindrical inner surfaces to blend to each other.

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