Another Complex Edge Fillet

This is the point where I have left off:

This is this is the shape I am trying to achieve. The upper and lower horizontal surfaces are 6" radius curves. My problem is how to deal with the triangular vertical surface.

Problem Fillet.3dm (3.2 MB)

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hello - how big a fillet do you want on those? 6" consumes most of the face.

Problem FilletMaybe.3dm (232.2 KB)

Is this what you’re after? It’s built up from FilletSrf, and then trimmed into the existing surfaces.


It is six inches. Sadly the plans are view inconsistent so I can’t tell exactly what they did.

Just looking at the top: There is only 6.7" between the top of the hood and the top of the body and there is 6.5" of curves doing upwards (4" + 2.5"). However, with the 6" rounding on the front edge, the greatest length from the horizontal to the top of the hood is 5.9772".

From the photo, it looks like the horizontal radius drops quickly from 6" to 1.5" and that smaller radius continues up and an along the top.

This was my best effort. I only did a 1-1/2" radius all the way around. Doing a transition from 6" to 1-1/2" at the curve is the killer.