Another 3D PRINTING thread

not new but still amazing what one can do with contemporary printers.
this one prints multimaterial multicolor actually more than 360.000 colors
also check out the video, they use Rhino somewhere at 1:57.

be welcomed to post anything interesting, innovative regarding this issue.


want to print some real DNA?

also check out genocad to design what you want to print.

Objects in what program are executed (in the first post)?

it was not really revealed anywhere, since its a showcase model of stratasys if you are talking about the anatomic parts. here they explain that any random software would do naming AutoCAD, Inventor, or SolidEdge for example. in the video from the first post they used Rhino and Catia for glasses.

i believe Stratasys may have colored the objects prior to printing with their own printing software.