Full Color 3D printing

OK I have drawn my house in Rhino.
It is a closed surface.
I want to print it in Full Color Sandstone (Shapeways, iMaterialise)
They need a DEA, VRML OBJ (with textures seperately)or Color STL File.
I want to color my house in different colors/textures

First Problem:
In Rhino I can add textures and colors to everysingle piece of the house but therefor I need to explode the whole thing. Result: open surfaces.
Question: What should I do to get it multicolored in rhino so it can be exported as STL,DEA,OBJ,VRML and be a closed Object ?

Second Problem.
In sketchup you can add colors and textures easily to a closed surface so I export it in Rhino to SKP. Result: some surfaces missing, others deformed.
Qoestion: How do i get a good drawing exported as good to Sketchup.

Hi Marc- I don’t think there is a good way to do this from Rhino. However, exporting to skp should work fine- you might try creating the mesh first in Rhino (Mesh command) then inspect that and make sure it is clean, and export the mesh to skp.


Anyone know what role Photoshop CS6 extended can play in colouring 3D models with regards colour 3D printing afterwards, can it map existing images to the surfaces, can it save files out suitable for 3D printing or other 3D progs or is it then only going to produce a raster file ? What of simply placing the results into other scenes, Bryce etc. ? It is designed to apply raster to 3D I gather. I have CS6Extended and havent looked at this aspect but reading this it rang a bell.


Hi! Reviving an old topic here, but this is exactly what I need right now. Trying to do some full color 3D printing, but having trouble making watertight solids with different colors applied to different areas… is it even possible in Rhino? If not, what software is better? Blender? Photoshop? Please help!