Annoying nit with Object selection


Is it a “feature”, setting or bug, that when I select an object then change the View selection (say Perspective to Front) I lose the object selection?

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Hello - if there is no command active, if you change the active view by clicking in the viewport, yes, the selection will be lost. Click in the viewport title, or using the viewport tabs to change the active view without losing the selection. If there is an active commmand asking for a selection, then you can change the view by clicking ‘in space’.

I agree. I wish the selection would persist if I change to another viewport. Pretty simple conceptually.

Well, the selection doesn’t stay even if you click in the currently active viewport… that’s just how Rhino works, clicking anywhere in any viewport will cancel the active selection if no command is running.

Hello- the annoying nit would need to be replaced by the one you’d need in order to deselect.



I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say, but suffice to say, that a selection of an object, prior to a command often needs to persist in a different view as perhaps you are doing an align or some other view specific command for a given object that perhaps is less than easy to select in the particular view you end up in.

I have to say, much like my previous issue with the way distribute works, you seem to get very annoyed when people have the temerity to question if things make sense or not… Most of us are just trying to understand and make constructive comments/recommendations…

A RIGHT mouse button with a slight movement in any viewport will activate it without unselecting any objects… A SHIFT left click will do the same.

Doesn’t make sense because, as explained previously, that’s how Rhino works with selection - a left click anywhere in any viewport not on an object cancels the current active selection. A left click on an object will cancel the previous selection and select the new object instead.

As a shift left click will add a new object to the selection, if you shift click in a viewport not on an object, Rhino just thinks “you missed” and keeps the previous selection.

Two simple ways to do what you want.

how do you change your view?

when i change the view via tabs, double click on the viewport titles, script for middle mouse button to maximize or toggle, or even with set view the selection keeps active. if that would get lost in these cases that would be indeed devastating, but now i am really curious what you mean.

maybe you encountered a bug and everybody else does not get what you meant? i am quite riddled

Well, I am just pointing out that there would need to be a different mechanisim for deselecting than clicking in space if clicking in space did not deselect as it does now, so whatever that is that would just as likely - certainly I would say- become an annoying nit for someone else, if not for you.


I fully expect a click within an active view should (and does) deselect a previously selected object. I’m talking about the function of selecting the active view. a subsequent click inside that view should, I agree, absolutely select/deselect based on whatever is clicked in the now, active view… But changing focus to a different/new view is not the same as clicking within that (now) active view

well that should rule out most of the confusion for most.

i still dont get which function you are talking about, can you please describe in steps what you exactly do to lose selection while changing views?

So, to deselect in a different view, your proposal is that two clicks would be used- am I following?


It might be interesting to note that in the 20+ years I’ve been in here and on the old newsgroup, this is the first time I have heard this request/comment. Therefore this nit does not seem to have excited anyone enough in all that time to have picked it.

if the 2 clicks are to do different things (1 to select the active view and 1 to select/deselect objects) then sure…

That is the only way it could work, it seems to me - probably not impossible, but I remain a skeptic, just because now it is quite straightforward what the behavior is, and that little change would amount to moving the annoying nit around but not eliminating it, which is what I meant in my comment above. Also, not a tidal wave of requests along these lines as pointed out by Helvetosaur.


… how many people asked for distribute control points before I suggested it? If it was ‘a lot’ then population isn’t necessarily an indicator of attention and if it ‘wasn’t many/a population of one’, then a large number of requests doesn’t equal utility/priority…

If users are almost 100% dedicated to Rhino3D, then weird behaviour is completely acceptable, when Rhino 3D behaves differently than other tools they use for similar activities etc, it’s frustrating.

It’s a basic difference in approach from a product management perspective, which is perfectly fine, but it will have it’s pro’s and con’s

any other tool i know including Rhino which has several views to choose from works the same way, you select an object switch the view and the object is still selected.

i spent now way too much time trying to understand what your actual seemingly very simple but ironically unsolvable problem or wish may be, and since you currently seem too self absorbed about how valuable your contributions are, avoiding any questions that might resolve this (and even if only my personal) confusion, it still might take a while till somebody else not so ethereal will reach your level of understanding.