Animations made with Grasshopper 2.0 code-base


(David Rutten) #1

Not sure it qualifies as a Gallery entry per se, but these are some videos that are generated as part of the UnitTest project in Grasshopper 2.0

Testing correctness of oriented ellipse implicit equations:

Iterative median filter with an overlaid numbermap which controls the window circle radius:

Testing the difference between square and circular median windows:

Growing the size of the median window over time:

(David Rutten) #2

Two more, showing a per-pixel radius effect and a warp transform.


Hi david.

How did you record it ? … only camtasia (alternative … ) or you rendered it ? Its very nice.


(David Rutten) #4

They’re rendered to individual bitmaps, then composed using VirtualDub. Unfortunately these aren’t quite real-time, anywhere from 0.25 to 1 second per frame to generate and save it to disk.