Animation rendering in background - computer not useable


during rendering an animation per Bongo|Octane in the background the focus to the foreground software is lost every new frame is started. For example during I write this post here I need to click on the writing field again and again every view seconds. So, it’s not possible to right use the computer during the animation is calculated. Please fix it soon as possible since I need to render a lot of animations.


Hello Micha, welcome :smile:
do you use 2 grafic cards?


Hi Andy,

yes, I installed two GTX780. But I have seen the same effect last week with one card only. My impression is, that every time a new Rhino frame buffer is opened the focus from the foreground software is lost.



 I have the same card (just one) and will watch for the behavior on which you comment. I used to have two cards (old 260 and a 460) and I used the 460 for Octane and the 260 strictly for display. The 780Ti puts me over the top for power on my PSU (600 watts) so I'm relying on the one 780 now. If you go into Octane panel in Rhino and go to the devices panel there, you will see a 'render priority' setting that on medium lets me keep working with no issues with display so check what you are set on there.

Good luck and glad to see you using Octane. I have recommended it here a number of times but strangely gotten little response other that good support from Paul the developer.

I thought about to add a card for display use, but the two GTX780 are so big, there is no space for more cards. Also they are 6GB cards and I’m glad to use it for display for several heavy Rhino tasks at the same time. But I think the display issue is caused by the Rhino frame buffer.

I started to use Octane since I need to render a full HD animation (with a lot of metal reflections) and per Vray it needs to much time. I use Octane in biased direct light mode and so it match my need. I think Octane will be my animation engine and Vray my still image engine for heavy interiors. I like the Vray concept of light cache and IM, it’s like biased rendering based on a unbiased precalculation. But for product animation the full GI light transport isn’t so important and the direct light kernel of Octane doe’s a great job.