Animation of a walking person

Hi everyone!
That’s the first time I try to make an animation using Rhino. Is there a way to make an animation in which you can see a person walking while some lamps light up above him?
I use Vray for Rhino6 as rendering engine.
Thank you in advance,

Hi @sofia.albelli
Are you using Bongo for the animation, or are you asking if it’s possible in Rhino itself? If the latter, no - only a few, very simple and old camera animation tools are available in Rhino (Turntable, Flythrough and Path). You’ll have to look at Bongo for object animation, and even that is mainly for mechanical animations.

Things like soft body animations is best left to more specialized programs, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Maya etc. You could take a look at Blender, which is free - although animating a walking character, is not something you do on day one. It has a pretty steep learning curve. There’s also more automated solutions like Poser and Daz.

Unfortunately Bongo doesn’t import any of the animation interchange formats, so you would have to go elsewhere for rendering the animation or composite it in After Effects or similar.

HTH, Jakob