Anemone rounding/recursion error?


(Paul V) #1

Hi there, I am having a problem with the Anenome plug-in while trying to parameterize a recursive process. I am trying to repeat a set of components and although I’m sure i’ve connected things correctly, I can’t get the data to match the manual output.

The overall goal is to optimise a truss with Galapagos, using lengths of existing timber members which are pulled from a list (currently a random set between 450-2300). Galapagos solves this by matching the area under the curve - currently that curve is evaluated and shattered several times to match lengths from the list, each subsequent group using the next index to re-evaluate the remaining curve length.
What I would like to do is easily change how many times this occurs (how many lengths are used to divide the truss). Manually this means the mess of duplicating the group and re-connecting everything and that’s where anenome comes in. I was hoping that I could use a slider with anenome to dictate how many times the process is repeated but the data outcomes are slightly off compared to the manual process. This means that over the length of the curve pieces don’t properly intersect and the script breaks.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone is able to review how I have connected the anenome script to advise me on mistakes I’ve made. As far as I’m aware the flow of data is properly linked but I can’t understand why the outcomes aren’t the same (potentially is there an error in rounding values when anenome makes a loop?).

Overview of components to be repeated:

Groups to be repeated:

Anenome attempt at recursion:

Alternatively, if there is a different method of achieving the same thing (ie: possible with hoopsnake?) that would be appreciated too!

Many thanks in advance :grin:

ANEMONE ATTEMPT_2 Truss 5 Variable (111.5 KB)