Anemone needed?

I have 2 curves and i need to array a set of rectangles that fit inbetween.
Do i need to use anemone for recursive array?

The question is not enough precise. So answer can be yes or no.
What are constrains ? Have you a rough sketch ?..

You’re right Laurent,this is what i’m looking for !

Thx a lot

Still not really precise.
If you want fixed proportions, for example 2x3 I would reccommend you anemone.
If you want for example fixed distance in x or amount of boxes in x, it‘s easy without anemone.
Unfortunately I‘m not at a pc atm, but I can make an example for you as soon as I am.

BTW: I think someone will be faster :smiley:

I’m sorry for the lack of explanation
I have a set of multiple rectangles ,small to big with proportional growth.
I have to choose in this set the ones i can display like i drew above.
I think recursive array is needed, but i’m not familiar with anemone due to almost
none tutorial.
Am i on the right way?

I would do it with anemone yes, but if you have an already created set of surfaces, it could be, that not every rectangle goes from top to bottom curve. If that’s no problem for you, i can make an example tomorrow.
Galapagos could also be a solution, arranging random the rectangles, and find the solution, where the distance to the boundary curves are as low as possible.

Hmmm ok nice, I’ll try to show you my attempt tomorow with Goat solver, bit faster than Galapagos.

Whatever you want. I pref silvereye and octopus if I have multiple goals

Thx didn’t know silvereye, i’ll try it for my array

If I understand your question correctly, @HS_Kim had a definition for this problem on the old forum.


Jackpot !!!
This is it, i’ll try on my own to understand anemone, i feel lost ATM
Need to tweak a bit, my constraints are no exactly the same
THX you guys !

Ok, this got really messy in the end, but I finally came to a reasonably satisfactory solution.

In the first try, the script wasn’t bulletproof if you have two curves. It’s ok if you have one straight line, but with two curves, there were intersections. Would be enough if you want a line between both curves with a fixed ration, but not for defined rectangles to place.

In the second try, I made an optimization. It works but takes too long time for such a simple problem.

So last try. Literally the same as the first one, but it creates all possible rectangles, culls the intersecting ones and lists the one with the biggest area.

Like I said, this got really messy, and it’s no script which I’m proud of for some genius reasons, but it works in the end :slight_smile:

Upper rectangles: try 1; lower rectangles: try 3

Hope I could help you somehow :slight_smile: If I have time I can try to make the script cleaner/faster, but unfortunately I got no time today. (69.5 KB)

Awesome you are !
Thank you very much for taking time, this is far away from my skills.
I’ll dig into your definition and try to understand.
Maybe i’ll try some variations