And more Hatch anomalies

In a particular file, I used Purge to purge all the unused hatch patterns - there are two still being used that are not among the ‘default’ ones. Here is the list from DocumentProperties>Hatch visually:

(the two non-default ones are listed just after ‘Solid’)

Now, here is the list in the Properties panel:

Clearly the hatches which have been purged from the file are still showing up in the list. Looks like bad programming.

Back to DocumentProperties>Hatch:

  • Why is it not possible to purge the ‘default’ hatch patterns from the file even though they are not used?
  • Why is it not possible to rename a non-default hatch pattern? (Rename is grayed out)

Hi Mitch, I’ll check, thanks.

I do not see this here so far - I do see that if I delete a hatch the pattern is not purged unless I add a different hatch to the same curve - at least that is what it looks like at the moment. But I am not getting the blanks you show after a Purge, the patterns do disappear as expected.
Still poking but I do not see the bad thing you report, so far, in t our latest.