Analyzing Curvature of NURBS surface for research

I have point-cloud data for which I used the Patch command to generate a wavy NURBS surface.
I need to make 2D measurements of cross-sections of the surface (plane/section view). I need to align my viewing-plane so that I can see a single point of highest curvature and have the plane aligned parallel to the point of greatest curvature. I’ve uploaded a cartoon sketch that illustrates my goal. Because my surface is a dome with one axis longer than the other, the min. and max. curvature are not always orthogonal with the U and V of my NURBS surface in rhino. Thanks in advance.

hi, i hope this helps and that i understood you correct.

CurvatureAnalysis and ClippingPlane may help to find your points, after you have evaluated those use section and draw a line through the 2 points followed by the command close to close the curve followed by PlanarSrf. now call either OrientCameraToSrf on this new section surface with the option Set Construction Plane. or you use CPlane with option Surface which will only set the Cplane of course.

Thanks, encephalon. This was very helpful.