Analysis with karamba

For my thesis work I have to create a concrete shell and a wooden gridshell of the same size, and compare them. Specifically, I was asked to evaluate the stiffness, flexural and axial, in such a way that they are similar. I was asked to impose a vertical unitary displacement and make sure that the one in reinforced concrete is the same as that of the gridshell, doing this procedure for both axial and flexural stiffness. The professor told me that the shells are essentially composed of moments in the plane and out of the plane … these moments must be compared with the moments in the gridshell rods.
On the gridshell there are axial forces on the vertical and horizontal rods and a cut on the diagonals. In the plane, generally the stresses are decoupled in the plane and out of the plane, they can be divided into membrane and plate stresses.
Then evaluate the moments and axial stresses, because when we do the checks we combine them, that is, we subject the rod or membrane element to axial and flexural stress.
Can you tell me how to carry out these checks?
I attach file of the two structures, the one in concrete and one in (108.8 KB)

Hi, you can use the components found in the Results tab to extract all the information you need. There are separate components for shells and for beams. More information can be found in