Shell stresses


I am using a simple cylindrical shell model to try to understand the calculation of principal shell stresses from the corresponding forces/moments to be able to apply the same principles to calculate stresses in local axes from the local forces/moments available in Karamba.

  • comparison between the linear analysis stresses at the neutral axis from the Karamba component and those calculated based on force/area (i.e. n/t) – all stresses match:
  • same as above but nonlinear analysis – results vary by a factor of 2:
  • linear stresses at the extreme outer fibre based on force/area + moment/section modulus (i.e. n/t+6m/t^2) – same ballpark but some differences in values which also don’t seem to necessarily match across individual shell elements:
  • nonlinLay1.png: same as above but nonlinear analysis – results vary considerably:

Any advice/comments would be greatly (57.7 KB)