Analysis results not as expected

I created the same model as in the picture.
However, as a result of the creation, I could not get the same analysis results.
It looks like the joints are not loaded.
Please let me know what I should correct.
スクリーンショット 2024-05-16 211955 (31.6 KB)

I think the frame is not meshed with a node at the point you are loading.
There are a few ways to resolve it, split the line so there are two frame elements, apply the load as a frame point load (here is an example of how to do it) (27.1 KB)

Or, there are frame attribute you can set so that it should force the frame to be meshed into nearby points.
Let me know if this doesn’t help.



Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately, the cause was not resolved.
The JOINT was generated. However, it was not tied to a FRAME and the NODE was not generated. Therefore, the load is in the air.
In the picture below, in the ideal, a blue dot is generated in the red circle, but in the model with this code, no dot is generated in the green circle.
I am sorry to keep repeating this, but please let me know how to solve this problem.

小田惟己 (27.1 KB)

Well, one method to achieve the result you want is to shatter the frame line into two.
Here’s how I would do it. (26.1 KB)

Sorry, the file you sent me did not give me the analysis results I wanted.
However, I found the cause.
Frame1 is connected to joint2 and 1, and frame2 is connected to joint1 and 3. The boundary conditions are given to joints 4 and 5, and the loads are given to joints 1 and 5. Joints 4 and 5 are not connected to the frame, so they are meaningless. In short, we want to give the condition of joint4 to joint2 and the condition of joint5 to joint3.
I took the joints from the frame and tried to give them the conditions, but failed. The extracted joints are 2 and 3, but when the condition is given, they change to joint4 and 5.
I would like to accomplish this but i am not able to. Please please tell me how to accomplish this. (44.9 KB)