An error that I couldn't solve

Hi, I have a script where it runs properly when only membrane elements are connected.
But when I added beam elements, then the analysis component returns an error saying “Input string was not in a correct format.”


I’m attaching the script below. (geometries are embedded, I think.)
Please help! (I’m planning to do a tutorial of Kiwi3d for students soon.)

kiwi tutorial (148.3 KB)

Hey, I checked your file and there is a bug. However, the input is probably neither your expected one.
I assume that your beams should be continuous and there is no hinge in the middle. This happens if you use arches larger than 90° that have a multiple knot. You have to rebuild the curves or use <=90°-arches that are coupled. This solves also the problem.
And two more hints: You should put a name for the analysis since analyses may overwrite each others result if they are in the same file/folder. Second, linear analysis is only for small deformations. Most of the time, this is not appropriate for membrane structures.

Thanks for the feedback. Really helpful.