"An error ocurred in the display pipeline"

I sometimes get some visualarq grasshopper objects “missing” and just lately I noticed this message in the Rhino command line. Can we do something to prevent this from happening?

Hi, is this related to this thread? Visualarq GH components dissappearing

Hi, Francesc. Sorry for the delay. My notifications don’t seem to work for the forums.
The display pipeline error is not related to the components bar dissappearing. It produces just weird errors in the display window, like some solids not substracting from walls (though they do when I bake).

Hi, (I had problems with notifications too).
Some operations of VisualARQ object components don’t show up in the preview generated by GH for speed performance reasons, That’s why the solids subtracted from walls (or the opening of doors and windows in walls) don’t show up until you bake the resulting wall/objects.

I´m afraid it´s not the case. Missing objects (that appeared when baked) were not always the special ones.

Hi, could you then send the .3dm and .gh files to visualarq@asuni.com, so we can check out why that geometry is not appearing? Also some screenshot would be helpful.