Disappearing VisualArq objects

I have a fairly developed model which has been fine previously to work within. Now though roofs and slabs disappear when editting them. I can make a new one and it is visible and the old ones which have disappeared are availble via grasshopper still. Any pointers? Is this a bug in the latest update?

Hi @Martin_Johnson,

Please, could you send us your file to visualarq@asuni.com or post it here?

How are you editing them? Are you editing the object or the style? Which properties are you editing?

Yes i will send it now. I am trying to change the perimeter via grabbing the control points and moving, mirroring the object, adding to it via a curve etc. No issues to edit the style, its an object issue.

Does anything happen if you select all the visarq elements and update them?
(If it is a big model, this may be a good time to go get a coffee or snack)

Interestingly that does seem to have solved the problem in part.

Several roofs appeared that I thought were lost and the remaining slabs and roofs are now editable. However nearly all of the slabs in the model disappeared when updating and they are not showing up via grasshopper either.
Not worried about my lost work just about a problem in VA.

In another post a forum member has the same problem and noted the odd values for parameters. Here you can see the thickness is negative infinity


@Martin_Johnson we have fixed this error in VisualARQ 2.13, which we are just about to release. But we still haven’t figured out why it happens. Do you know any clue about what you did before you noticed that change in the slab thicknesses?
Did you create those slabs with Grasshopper?

No the slabs are just regular styles. There are no grasshopper styles in the model at the moment.

I think it happened after I mirrored a shed roof. That roof style is based on the same slab style also.

Ok thanks! Did you notice that error after updating Rhino or VisualARQ?

Excuse me, I meant if you created the slabs by baking them from GH components (not from the GH styles).

Sorry not sure if it was caused by either update as i updated both at the same time a few days ago.

Sorry the slabs and roofs were originally regular VisArq created. Either via curve or 3point drawing out rectangular roofs directly.

All right, thanks! Actually, what we fixed so far is when VisualARQ finds slabs with this value for their thicknesses, it changes them to “by style”. But this may not prevent this error from happening again, so we need to figure out how to reproduce it.