Incorrect dxf export


Today I found an error in one of our exported DXF files,
A couple of circles were exported with a larger radius and incorrect position.
the rhino file with isolated curves:

test_dxf_circles.3dm (67.5 KB)

The DXF exported as 2007 natural
test_dxf_circles.dxf (168.0 KB)

I moves the geometry closer to the origin as that might have caused some tolerance issues, yet I still got incorrect circles.

I’m going to do some digging, yet please if anyone has a shortterm solution let me know.

EDIT: I found that if I disable simplify lines & arcs in the export scheme the curves are exported correct.


Hi Willem - thanks for the report and details, I’ll check it.

@Willem - one thing I see is that the circles are not true circles in Rhino - not that it should mess them up on export but still, might be something to check - the curves might not be what you expect? They do not simplify (SimplifyCrv) to circles either.

I see the problem you report with 72007 Natural - and even with out the simplify arcs etc a re-import, apart from the circles is not very close to the original in places-


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