Ambrosinus toolkit

Hello and thank you for your message!

Let me say that the “SeeOut” component is a dynamic component, this means that if you move the ID slider it automatically will fix with the exact range of images that you have in the “Output” parameter (have a look at the “SeeOut” param description hovering the mouse on it).

Below are some tips about the requirements to run the latest version especially v1.2.1. Bear in mind that you need a clean and well-worked installation of Stable Diffusion (Automatic1111 project) and ControlNET v1.0 (while I am waiting for the full API support of the v1.1.X).

Some useful tips (hopefully) :blush:
After the release of ControlNET v1.1 (but not fully supported by APIs), I decided to realize a video demo about how to install the AUTOMATIC1111 project with ControlNET v1.0 and v1.1 versions. Currently, the CN v1.1 is not fully API supported yet. So I suggest proceeding to a clean installation of the AUTOMATIC1111 project + ControlNET v1.0 extension.

What I have done if I encounter this issue:

  1. I passed the DirPath where I installed SDloca with ControlNET v1.0 as input of the “LaunchSD_loc” component (top left);

  2. I passed the DirPath (a custom one on my desktop) in the “AIeng_loc” component;

  3. I passed an image (right-click on the “path” component “Select one existing file”):

  4. I run the “AIeng_loc” component through the toggle button (generally, I avoided using the simple “button” for these components, otherwise no “Info” will be displayed from the AIeng_loc component);

What would I suggest?

  1. I assume that you have installed the standard Python as described here at point 2 - my version is v3.10.6 (see here)

  2. Try to install SDlocal + ControlNET v1.0 - please watch this fresh video :wink:

  3. Here you find the ControlNET v1.0 dataset model PART 1 o this article

  4. The demo Gh demo file for SDlocal from Ambrosinus-Toolkit

  5. The AT v1.2.1 (video here) is ready for CN v1.1 but waiting for full API support, anyway currently works well with CN v1.0. I added a little tool too and here you will find the demo file

    Finally, about some toggles… my little advice

  • GenWebUI could be a simple button;
  • if you use a button to run the “AIeng_loc” component you will be not able to see the “Info” embedded in the latest image generated (but you can do this thanks to the “SD-Imginfo” component if you like using the button component instead of the boolean toggle);

Hopefully, these tips aforementioned could be helpful. Please, let me know.
Enjoy your design exploration!