Ambient occlusion based Render

I would like to achieve an ambient occlusion based render using Cycles/Thea/Vray for Rhino 6,
and I have no Idea how to do that,
Can someone explain it to me, and I will be really appreciated.

The problem is when I do ViewCaptureToFile for Arctic View mode, for some reason it takes so long when the image exceeds 2000px in height, and it depends on the geometry, and sometimes it crashes, and most of the time I get an image error in colors and an error in the shading, it does not look professional and stable enough for me. anyway I want to get this result using a native render engine.
Is this possible using the render engines that I mentioned erlier? and how to do that?
Thank you so much, looking forward to make taking captures from ambient occlusion view modes stable and fast enough!


At Vray for Rhino you could create an emissive material and choose “dirt” as color texture. At the dirt option you can set the occlusion radius and more.

Maybe an option for the future: Octane 4 free.

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You should be able to create a copy of Arctic, then set its display pipeline to Raytraced. This should give all white material for all objects in the scene.

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I did exactly what you said, and I hit ViewCaptureToFile then it shows Rendering Viewport, but it takes ages,
running on GTX 960m, 6700HQ, 16GB of RAM.
is it ok to take that time to render?
just in case I render basic geometry like intersected cubes … really simple!

It depends how large you are rendering and what else you already have in GPU memory. If it all doesn’t fit you may see that host memory is used (your regular RAM). That introduces a potential big bottleneck.