Alternate grid using split tree

Hi, I used the split tree component to get an alternate grid structure, and further to use this grid for a zig-zag polyline.
But the split tree component is showing weird results.

Gh definition is attached below: (6.1 KB)
“Desired result” xxxsxsxs

I hope to get some help with this.

like this? (8.4 KB)

Thanks, would mind explaining me where was it getting wrong?

Check this as well. (8.2 KB)

Well u didnt think about how to “weave” two branches together to get the desired result I don’t think split tree can do that.

But I guess there is a more eglegant way with Relative Item component, but I’m not familiar with it.

Edit: thanks @HS_Kim for the more elegant solution :slight_smile:

Thanks bud!

I tried this with cull pattern logic , it gives me same result as yours. But i was intrested in doing with splittree.
Thanks for your help.