DataTree selection rules - result not following the input structure


I’m having a problem with the following split tree task:

The result in C doesn´t follow the structure of the input in B.

The expected result in C would be:
__________ {125;3}
___________ {125;4}

any sugestions?

Split tree doesn’t renumber. Its taking branch {125} twice per your input mask.


Any suggestion on how to get a list like that? tree branch also gives the same result…

Its a little confusing without the context.

Internalize and post the file, or example of the overall issue please.


split tree (16.5 KB)


does this help?

split tree (23.0 KB)

Not ideal, since it requires a fixed partition size.

split tree (17.8 KB)

Granted you could make the size dynamic, but not knowing how these trees are formed its not ideal.


I think the replace paths will do it. I didnt know how it worked.

Im just going to parametricise the partition size, as some times it has more than 3 itens.

didn‘t my solution work?