(almost) intersections

Hello everyone,
See picture. I like to know how many of these pipes will clash with eachother. Now I used intersections to find the clashes, this works fine, but is it possible to have f.e. points at any intersection instead of curves?
Second is that i need to know how many ‘almost’ clashes there are, like how many are closer then f.e. 50mm to each other?
Can somebody tell me if this is possible in Rhino?


intersections.pdf (208.3 KB)

if you intersect surfaces you will have curves as results, if you intersect curves, you will have points as result and maybe a sub-segment curve if the input overlap. about the distances I guess the point deviation analysis could help but, honestly I don’t understand the image.

I also don’t understand the image.

Create an offset surface 25mm from each object. Use OffsetSrf or for pipes create new pipes 25mm larger in diameter than the original pipes. Then Intersect the offset surfaces. Anywhere the offset surfaces intersect the original objects are within 50 mm of each other.

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@Sm1tters ,

We added a Clash detector in Grasshopper component in addition to the RhinoCommon method for Clash. Here is some evolving documentation on the feature.

We are looking for feedback on the methods:

  1. Does it find the clashes you need?
  2. Is it fast enough?

Another really fun part about Clash is that it will work on Revit elements using Rhino.Inside.Revit