All palettes gone RV5-64 - any idea how to restore?

Thanks for your help!

Typed ‘toolbar’ into the command bar and came up with this — Rhino’s Siri :smile:

“ToolbarReset” is the command, just for future reference. But… this is not supposed to be allowed to happen. Can you tell me what service release of Rhino you are running? (Help > About Rhinoceros)

thanks, Pascal

Hey Pascal! newest SR11

but I was running an uninstall/wipe tool for Nvidia graphics cards because last mobile version of their driver wouldn’t work as expected.

The command “Toolbar” in Windows does actually open Options>Toolbars. --Mitch

OK, thanks… as far as I know Rhino should not be able to fire up without at least the default toolbars.


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I’ve seen that happen in the past to people… I think there are some threads on that somewhere in here too. --Mitch

One problem seems to be that once Toolbar reset has been run, we lose the ability to dig into what fails. JohnM tells me V6 does things differently and of course better, but ideally when this occurs we need to get hold of the user’s default RUI, if it exists, before it is replaced.


@pascal I will wait next time…is there any idea how to export the

For what its worth, its just happened to me,
on my laptop
winXP media centre 32bit OS. I saw thread on use ToolbarReset and it fixed it. I did nothing to cause it.

rhino V5 SR9 32bit
5.9.40609.20145 9/6/2014

No doubt this isnt up to date !

Laptop is not internet enabled ( a deliberate move to allow it to operate as fast as poss, and what a difference no virus prog makes :slight_smile: ). Nothing goes onto it without first being sheep dipped.

How can I by the way get V5 up to date on it, (without accessing internet on it) the tower sees me click update at the prompts that appear. Updates must be XP friendly. Can they be instead saved to disc ?


Yes. you can either try to find the *.msi file that was automatically downloaded to your other PC or go to the Rhino website and download from there.