Aligning two objects

Sensor_Bracket.3dm (2.5 MB)

I’m not sure the best terminology for what I am trying to do, so bear with me. I want to “orient” the sensor to the mounting bracket. I have it positioned fairly close to where I want it, I just need to square it up to the mounting bracket. What are your best ideas for doing this quickly.

Have a look at the help section for: OrientOnSrf or Orient3Pt - that should give you all the pointers that you need to align the bits :slight_smile:


I set the Cplane to the surface of the bracket, put points in each of the bolt holes and projected them to the surface. I then used orient 2 points to align to the surface. It looks close, really hard to tell. Good enough for now but any other ideas are welcome.

I think this is what you’re trying to do?

It can be tricky but it’s fairly straight forward once you’ve done it a couple of times. Try to ensure you choose planar points on the faces of the models you’re trying to align.

Then it’s just a case of creating a bounding box around the sensor and plotting the mid point on the back face and aligning it with the centre of the plate.


No, I was just trying to close the gap between the sensor and the plate. I appreciate your help very much! I have been using Rhino for 12 years now, and I know I probably use about 10% of Rhino’s capabilities on a daily basis, just trying to expand my knowledge!


Hi Don,

That’s about 4 years longer than I have and I’m the same, most of the stuff on here is just for self interest so I can work out problems and learn more about the package.

I guess, if the sensor is in the right place you could orient the CPlane to the top face of the green cube and then use Plan and move it as much as you need? That way you’ll see everything clearly.


Hi Don,

My 2c
Firstly, extract the 2 surfaces for a visual inspection and intersect.
Then set up the points you mentioned to project down to the Cplane (set to the surface). I added a third point to the sensor base surface (on mid-pt of the edge) and moved the sensor away from the plate to get an accurate pick using Orient3Pt on the known locations on the sensor and the 3 points on the plate, which brings the sensor back in on Cplane.

Edit; and use Plan to further manipulate the sensor now that it’s on plane

Hi Don - I’ll chime in as well -

  1. Set a CPlane > Object to the face of the target box.
  2. Orient3Pt snapping the first two points to the centers of the holes and the third anywhere in that plane of the sensor face - Near on and edge of the opposite side will work
  3. Put Project on the OSnaps.
  4. Set the same three points, but projected, as the targets for the Orient - snapping to the centers for the first two target points and somewhere near the same location of the third point for that last point.

Sensor_Bracket_PG.3dm (1.5 MB)


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