Aligning solids to curved surface

I am currently making a model in which there are hundreds of square rods in plane that I want to move in order to follow the contour of a curved surface without removing the square ends. Something like aligning solids to surface? There are too many rods to gumball them individually so we were wondering if there was a specific command, or set of procedures that I could use?


You might want to try FlowAlongSrf with the rigid option - that will flow your objects from a plane surface to the curved one without changing the objects themselves. However, as the surface is curved, the rods will then be pointing normal (perpendicular) to the surface at the point where they touch, they will no longer be oriented all in the same direction as they were originally. Don’t know if this is what you want… Otherwise, the only other solution I can imagine for this would be be via Grasshopper.