Align multiple 3d objects with diffents heights vertically on surface

Hi everyone,

I want to align a city model with too many mesh volume building on a flat surface. They stand on topographic mesh so their bases have different heights. Normal for mesh points i use SetPt and select Z or Align from bottom but both did not work on this case? is there a way to define all bases and select all objects and say that align all on zero from their base points? Only way i know is to select them individually and align but with hundreds of buildings its kind of tricky. For any kind of help i would be really be appreciated!

You want all the the objects to “sit” on the World 0 plane? You can use the “Align” command from the Front view, Set it to “CPlane” and “Bottom” and just type 0 and Enter.

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Yeah i know it how to do and just right now i tried to convert buildings to polysurfaces with MeshToNURB after that i tried once again and it worked. I wonder why it doesnt work properly with meshes even they are closed mesh volumes.

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Hmm, it seems to work here on meshes, open or closed… Can you post a small sample?

Alternatively, this Python script should work on curves, surfaces, polysurfaces and meshes… (373 Bytes)