Align circle tangent to line?

hi there, i’m trying to construct something but am having trouble getting things in the right order. I managed to construct all the objects i need but after that i need to align them all so they have the same upper bound.

The upper circle radius is derived from the distance of the lines surrounding it. The lines have different distances and are not parallel so the circle radius varies … so i can’t use the centerpoint as an upper alignement reference. I the end i would like all upper circles to be aligned tangentially with an offset version of the upper line but both circles need to still be aligned to the center line. The center line is derived from the midpoints of the left and right lines.

so i got everything i need except the alignement fro the equal distance to the top line and am having trouble figuring out how to do that last step, i hope this makes sense:

radius of circle is based on distance/10

distance from what to what? :slight_smile:

here is based on the length of segment CE/10:

distance from A to B :slight_smile:
that’s a cool solution, many thanks. i finally got it to work using circle from 3 tangents component but my solution is rather convoluted so i’ll try to trim it down with your solution which seems much more elegant.

here’s mine

many thx for your quick reply … and have a great sunday :blush: