AlienWare M18 et Rhino 8

Hello everyone, what do you think of the Dell AlienWare M18 for Rhino 8, I work in industrial piping on large projects, if some of you use the M18 I would like to have your opinion.
Thank you all

Bonjour a tous , que pensez-vous du Dell AlienWare M18 pour Rhino 8 , je travaille dans la tuyauterie industrielle sur de gros projet , si certains d’entre vous utilise le M18 j’aimerais avoir votre avis .
Merci a tous

see this thread-

TLDR is:
nvidia graphics card with 4gb vram PER MONITOR you choose to run.
lot of ram
big hardrive

I always go big when I buy a machine then use them for many years.

fwiw for a “really good” spec you are close to $4k.

for that money, you may want to look at Boxx computing, or Titan Computing and get a full custom rig for less money.

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Thank you for the answers, so I rephrase my question, which 17" portable workstation would be ideal for rhino 8 with a budget of 3500 euros

You know, we may all use Rhino here but not many of us spend time benchmarking it–I don’t know what percentage of Rhino users even have control over what hardware they use for work!–no one actually knows what’s best. Also laptops are a very personal choice, depending on what level of portability you want, so best for you is a whole other thing.

You can just look at reviews for “gaming” laptops, that’s the closest proxy to normal Rhino use. I had an Alienware laptop once and it was…fine…but the brand tends to be overpriced, but “incomprehensibly expensive” seems to be the norm for brand-name desktop-replacement laptops.

Yeah, you could be here forever asking such a question. Best not to overthink it really.

With any of the top brands; Alienware, MSI, ASUS, Lenovo, you can pretty much spend any amount of money and get great or rubbish laptops. Reviews are probably the better way forward.

Just make sure if you work for a company, that they don’t require you to have a “mobile workstation” (Nvidia AX000 GPUs). They often have different GPU types to regular gaming laptops. For most people practical use, you will be absolutely fine with a “gaming” (RTX 40X0) laptop.

If you want to blow your budget on a gaming laptop, you should be able to get at least into RTX 4080, and preferably RTX 4090 territory.

The problem with gaming laptops, I currently have an MSI, is that they tend to heat up quickly even without using them too much, what are Nvidia GPUs worth compared to RTX? for pure modeling which of the two is most appropriate?

Yeah that’s the way it’s going to be regardless. So the question is, do you really need a powerful laptop?

Both refer to Nvidia GPUs.

what is an RTX 3000 Ada worth for example compared to an RTX4070 with equivalent memory?

There’s no point in going for the so-called “workstation” cards for Rhino, let’s just put it that way, unless you’re getting the absolute top of the line desktop card, at least you’re getting SOMETHING for your many thousands of dollars even if it’s only 5%. Anything cheaper is just a scam that dates back to when “pro” software was only TESTED on the Quadros so that’s what you’d better use.