Alias to lock and unlock preselected layer

I am trying to create two aliases for locking and unlocking a layer by selecting an object in the viewport. I cannot seem to get this to work with and without pre-selection using the following approach:

'_-Layer _Lock _select _enter

How is one supposed to create aliases for these?

Hi -

'_-Layer _Lock _Select Pause _EnterEnd

That seems to work here.
Unlocking doesn’t have a Select option for obvious reasons…

might make sense to add the option select for objects on locked layers. for instance if the layers would unlock (internally or however) so that one can select objects on locked layers.

As an exception for unlocking layers, that would indeed seem to be a more logical approach.

just to mention it, we also have unlock selected, which is basically the same just for locked objects. if that could work for entire layers

Does anyone know how come I cant upload a rhino 6 alias document into rhino 7 for m1 mac? I exported it directly from rhino 6.

please start a new thread for this question as it does not relate to the original post.