Unlock unlocks all objects...no it doesnt!

Command help says Unlock unlocks all objects

so I type unlock and hit enter, I still have locked layers afterwards.

How do I make all layers unlocked ?

I right click atop the lock column hoping to see options but nothing, I look at all unlock icon options.

I search in help on unlock and see Unlock unlocks all objects.

but it doesnt.

help !!

I simply want to unlock locked layers so all are unlocked.


Layers aren’t objects so why should that command unlock them? To unlock all layers, select them all (locked and unlocked) then click the lock on any layer twice. First click will lock all, second will unlock all.

I couldnt see anything about unlocking layers, typing unlock never showed a layers option, so in desperation my brain decided that this must be it !


The Help index fails in this respect. There are no entries for locking/unlocking layers. I blame myself. I know, you blame me, too.

You can shift-select all your layers and then click the lock icon, and it will lock/unlock them all at once.

And if you want to get fancy with it, you can use the Layer States Manager. That way you can setup whatever kind of config you want for your layers, and easily go back to it. Just type LayerStatesManager in the CLI

It sounds like you are on a deadline without sleep. Can I respectfully suggest that the best thing you could do right now is turn off the computer and have a nap.

I’m speaking here as one who is often guilty of pulling all-nighters :wink:

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Rhino does not have a single command to do this, however the _-Layer command can be used with wildcards like * to do what you`re after using the button command below:

_-Layer _Unlock * _Enter

The single * is as a placeholder for every layername you could imagine.


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Hi Steve, Unfortunately the PC has an issue such that it may not boot to windows again, so I am working every hour possible (15hr days) for weeks to get the job done before rebuilding it. and I dont rebuild it until I know I have a mouse that will work (another post), let alone sourcing all the drivers for all my kit and upgrades for all my progs…but in what time !

Thanks folks for the layers lock/unlock advice, maybe help will be updated sometime, meanwhile advice added to the list of usefull commands for me :slight_smile: