V6 Wish: Layer Lock Suggestion

Something I would like to see in Rhino 6 is a 2 different types of layer locks in the Layer tab. 1 would be a “selection lock” which would behave much the same as the current layer lock. The other would be a “position lock” where the objects on that layer can be selected and used for various operations without the risk of accidentally dragging or moving it. Right now I constantly find myself wishing I could select an object for use (in a boolean operation, for splitting/trimming, etc.) without the worry of something moving accidentally.

There could be 2 methods of implementing this. One would be 2 separate columns of locks, one for each type, “selection” or “position” lock. Or there would be the same single lock column and the lock would be color coded (or with a tiny letter or both) to whichever state it was in. One click on the lock would set it to “selection lock”. Two clicks to “position lock”. The third click would unlock.

If this is a repeat suggestion, consider this one more vote for the feature. If this feature exists in other software that I haven’t seen or used the “theft” is unintentional. Thanks.

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Agreed! This would be lovely.

Hi Doug - in Options > Mouse page, set ‘Drag selected objects only’. Does that help?


Thanks for the suggestion, Pascal. I’m not sure of the implication of clicking that option. Why would you need to select that? It seems that is already the default unless I’m missing something. How could you drag an object unless it’s selected?

I want to be able to select items, for various operations (i.e. splitting, trimming, boolesn, etc.) without the risk of accidentally dragging them. I work with a mix of nurbs surfaces and very dense meshes. There is sometimes a processing lag that causes “jumpy” behavior. If my mesh moves even a fraction, I am screwed if I don’t realize it moved until later on. I would like to be able to lock the position of objects and have the peace of mind to know they will never shift out of place.

have you tried using Lock

Hi Doug - With that setting on, you need separate clicks to select then drag an object - you cannot do both with a click n drag, which is a frequent source of that nudging error.


Yes, this would be a handy feature to have. Today my coworker lost a full day of machining on a part that was accidentally shifted by 4mm at some point in time. It’s happened to him enough times over the years that he requested me to start a thread here on the topic, but I found this one asking the same thing.

Hello - I’d use the settings for dragging in Options> Mouse:

to control this, I think. The problem I see with the locking suggestion is you’d (potentially, in crowded scenes) be constantly bombarded with the selection menu if locked objects were selection candidates, which cancels a big part of what lock helps with.