Alias or Shortcut for rotate around center 90 degrees in X or Y or Z axys


I would like to hit a shortcut or alias and to rotate an object around it’s center for 90 degrees.
hit F1 (or aliaz ‘z’) - rotate 90 around Z axys
hit F2 (or aliaz ‘zz’) - rotate 90 around Y axis
hit F3 (or aliaz ‘zzz’)- rotate 90 around X axis

I would like it to work exactly like the gumball orthogonal rotate. Can you please help me?

I have no experience with scripts.

Thank you !

Hi @Vlad_Georgescu

I would edit your post and select the #scripting category from the dropdown list at the top of the window. That way, people who script will see your post.

  • Alan

Are you looking for World or CPlane axis relative rotations? And, when multiple objects are selected, they all rotate together (like the Gumball) or individually (like BoxEdit)?

I would like them to rotate relative to the World Axes, and when i rote them to rotate them all togheter (like the gumball).

Here is a collection of 9 scripts - in fact it’s all the same script, just with the axis and degree parameters changed.

image (5.1 KB)

Take the ones you want and create aliases/keyboard shortcuts/toolbar buttons with them.

Here is a page with explanations on how to set up the scripts to run.


Thank you very much ! I will try to use them soon enough !