Air details heat recovery latent sensible not working

Hello all,

The new Grasshopper, Honeybee Air Details component (ver 0.0.63 APR_15_2018) does not seem to be functioning properly. The energy consumption does not change when altering the heat recovery percentage. Before Christmas the July 2017 component was working fine in the same script.

Does anybody have an idea?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Matthijs,

I am experiencing the same as you, I could run the simulation earlier this week before I updated. Then, the heat recovery was taken into account.

The major problem now happens to be that I cannot select ´Ideal Air Loadsin the HVAC System List anymore, because the ´Run Energy Simulation component shows the error: “1. Solution exception:‘hb_airDetail’ object has no attribute ‘heatRecovery’”.

Now, the results I get using ´Thermostat only` which is the only HVAC system out of the list that I can select, are unreasonable high and differ way too little from the simulation without any heat recovery at all.

I´d be glad about any feedback regarding this as well!

Thanks a lot!


May better post this at the ladybug forum.