AI vector image used to create height profile?

I have manipulated a rather complex image in illustrator, I have three layers that I would like to be able to create a 3D profile within Rhino creating a surface. I think it is too complex for the Heightfield command (well it doesn’t seem to work?) and was wondering if there was another quick way…?
PS I am relatively new but very keen!

Did you read the help file for the Heightfield command?

The Heightfield command creates a NURBS surface or mesh based on grayscale values of the colors in an image file.

I’m not saying that’s the best way to go - you’ll get better answers if you provide more information and upload a file.

Thank you!! I missed the upload tab… I have added… could I use Heightfield?

I think I have done it… I just upped the sample points… it told me it may crash… but it survived!!