After computer restart, Discourse got huge... :-(

This is all my fault - I thought I was changing my personal settings, but apparently it was the global settings. OOPS :sweat_smile:.


LOL… That’s funny :crazy_face: No sweat @DavidEranen - hopefully you didn’t delete any categories or anything!

The compact theme option still appears to be missing though, as per @Helvetosaur’s initial post and my reply.

Can you set it back to the way it was (compact included)?


I thought I did. I haven’t touched any “Compact” setting, and I can’t find anything relating to that in the settings. What I do remember is that there were two styles that looked like they were custom made: Light and Dark setting. Now I can’t find the Light setting anymore - I believe Discourse has been set to the Default setting.

I need help from some Discourse experts @will @brian. How do I change Discourse’s theme back to what it was two days ago? How do I make the default theme “Compact”?

@discourse We’ve accidentally lost one of our custom themes (“compact”). Can you please help us to recover it?

/cc @stevebaer

A strong late entry for McNeel OOPS moment of 2019 from @DavidEranen :smiley:

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Hm… I just googled “Oops moment” to post a funny meme here, but that’s all about showing too much skin… and now it’s too late and I have to work… darn.

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Oh no… the dreaded Discourse white space disease has somehow now propagated to my iPad… :rage::exploding_head::-1:t2::-1:t2::-1:t2:

Well, nothing seems to be changing here… Just as as a comparison, here’s what stuff used to look like (more or less) a few days ago… (I say more or less because there’s no way to go back, so I’m relying on some 2 year old screenshots)

Discourse on my desktop in 2017:

Discourse on my iPad in 2017:

Now, for the “today” experience:
(Click on the images to experience them full-size!)

Discourse on my desktop:

Discourse on my iPad:

Discourse on my iPhone:

C’mon guys, get a clue!!! This is just not nice, it’s now extremely difficult to have an overview of all the new posts if you are not checking every 5 minutes, and the reading experience now feels a lot like this to me:



Hi Mitch, I’ve asked the Discourse people to look into what happened here.

Thanks @wim. I thought at-mentioning them was the way to get in touch but apparently not!

Thanks @wim! While you’re at it, you might mention how ridiculous the thing looks on an iPhone (I suppose other mobiles as well) - and this even before the whitespace mess happened. The avatar of the latest poster in the leftmost column is now the most important visual element - basically what that says to me is who posted the message is deemed to be more important than the actual message content.

Looks like the social network-izing of Discourse.

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This isn’t the first symptom either…


Hey Mitch, the compact theme should be available again - is it more or less like it used to be a few days ago?

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Yessss !! Way better. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

It looks like this now:

I don’t actually see a compact theme listed in preferences, so I take it that Default is now compact?

What’s funny here is if I log out, then it goes back to being huge again. If I log back in, then it gets compact again. Is that how it’s supposed to work? Do I have some hidden preferences stored somewhere?



I’m not going to pretend that I understand any of this, Mitch.
I see that there are only 2 themes that are “active” - the dark one and the light (compact) one. When I tested “logged off” before the compact theme was reinstated, I also got the light (big) one, so that must somehow be the default… But other than that, yes, I would expect your preferences to be stored on the server.

Dang, I did not even know about this compact thing … now I want compact+dark. :stuck_out_tongue:

@jdhill I had a go at creating one using the CSS overrides from the Light (Compact) theme and the Dark colour scheme. Try it!

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¡mil gracias!