Discourse Compact theme stopped working (correctly)

All of a sudden it’s back to this huge fat thing full of whitespace… was fine a few hours ago.
I still have “Compact-Light” theme set in Discourse Preferences


Nobody else sees this? I see it on all my computers and even my iPad…


The silence is deafening… @stevebaer @brian

Morning Mitch,
Maybe you are one of a few that actually used the theme.
I remember it being discussed and leaving it be once the setup was not a single click somewhere…


Hi Willem,

Normally all one needs to do is this:

My bad I see the setting now and it’s far from the obscure browser setting I remembered.

FYI Works here on my phone.

I tried changing to this theme and everything got tiny and compact.

All I can think of trying at the moment would be to clear your browser cache.

Yeah, tried that, no change… This is with FF, but looks the same on Chrome. This is also showing up on my iPad, different browser again (Safari).

I tried changing back to default and it was again much much bigger - so the Compact theme is working to some degree I guess. However it’s not nearly as compact as it was last week.

Compact Light:


(positively huge…)

I’m not exactly sure what the compact light theme was supposed to look like. I never used it. What seems bigger?

Check out this thread for screenshots of what it used to look like… Particularly posts 22 and 28


Is it the space between posts (where the separator line shows) that got larger?

Yep, appears to have gone from 4 px to 11px. The horizontal space of a standard topic was 36 px (including one division line of 1px, now it is 45 px including one division line. So +9 px per topic.

I’m bookmarking this post for later. I won’t be able to investigate any further for the next couple of days.



Compact theme updated to maximum compactification.

:+1: :+1: :+1: