Generative Design - Structural Optimization - TETRICS

Hi All,
As part of a structural optimisation process, I am after a generative design method to pack up a generic shape (a building), with a series of predetermined shapes pieces(column free rooms).
Which look very similar to playing TETRICS, but without rotating the elements.

The project has this bunch of shaped pieces which can have columns (the white lines in the screenshot) only at their edges.

The goal is to stack them up in a way that could achieve a sort of regular grid, with continuous columns from base to top, as much as possible.

I would be very grateful if any of you have any idea on how to approach this.
Thanks a lot


Have a look at Wasp plugin for grasshopper

or Cellular automata algorithms.


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If you wonder how wasp could be useful (since not so many visuals on the website), you can have a look on its instagram page. There you can see how people are using the tool, perhaps could generate ideas on how to approach your design.

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