Adobe Substance SBSAR support in Rhino 7

Yes! (Exclamation point required for the 4 character minimum)

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Apologies if this has an obvious answer, but will there be any possibility for compatibility with Rhino v6?

no, sorry-

Cannot wait for SBSAR support for MAC Rhino! Looking forward to this game changer. Any update?


maxwell know import materials from substance.

it is working like a plugin too and its very nice integration.

We now have a version 2 update to Adobe Substance Materials support in Rhino. Now material can be imported and then edited within Rhino’s material panel. See the video below for details:


Hi @scottd,

The previous version available through the package manager was 2.0.10-beta; the new one is 2.0.0. Are we stepping back a bit or is this a numbering anomaly?

2.00 is the full release, (not beta)

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Im new to Rhino and i just installed the substance plug in. Im trying to import some SBSAR that i created is designer but they arent bringing the color with them for some reason. Does anyone know why this might be?