Substance - Environments?

Does anyone know (I couldn’t find Kyle Houchins call-out) if we can use SBSAR environments from Source directly in Rhino 7? I just watched Kyle’s video on bringin SBSAR materials in, and I’m testing it now. Wondering about the Env possibilities, as well.

@Andy is the guy with that answer. My understanding is “not at the moment”.

He’d have to answer if that means not at all, or just not now.

Thanks, @theoutside much appreciated. Will await @andy reply…

Oh, also, here’s a question for you, though: I can’t seem to get the Textures to show up the way you do in your video. (I select the material, and go to the texture panel. Only the texture of the current environment is in there. Thoughts?

And finally: I noticed that actually there’s a spot in the materials panel when editing the SBSAR where you can choose the “Preset” (under “General”) for the materials’ variations. Is there any other interesting updates since you made the tutorial vid?


No plans at the moment

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substance sbsar will not have texture slots- if you change it from a substance material to a PBR material they will convert and the textures will show up-

Ah, but there’s no going back. So you lose all the parametric options. Quite the trade-off.