Adjust "PopulatePoints" individually/freely

Hi everyone,

is it possible to set individual points when using the command “populate2d/3d points” in grasshopper? Because I want to be able to adjust the points freely.

Other than, do you have an idea how i can cut the spheres i created in half? I couldn’t find a way to do so.

Would appreciate any help!

Thank you in advance!

You can preset a couple of points that will then be part of your random point population by providing them to the components P input.

You can split the a sphere in to two with a plane like this:

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thanks for your fast reply, appreciate it!
I actually tried doing so by defining individual points but i don’t get a result somehow…

I can’t quite tell if i just miss something.

You still need to provide a number of points to randomly generate. Currently, your slider is turned off.

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I am sorry to bother with basic stuff but i don’t really get what i expect :flushed:

These are the points I am trying to get but when I provide a number i don’t get the points i want :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hi again,
since i couldn’t solve my problem i tried the maybe “inefficient” way with gumball but now my boundary surface won’t work :face_holding_back_tears:

Probably because the boundary that should define the surface isn’t planar?

Hello again,
so i solved my problem like that:

Now I just have to split the model in half :muscle:t4: :smiley:
Hope I don’t get stuck again at this point :smiley:

I will try using your approach to split them.